About Us

How it Began

Centered on kindness and compassion and support.

Tides of Grace arose from the compassionate vision of Leann Rhodes-Ickes, whose deep-rooted passion for community welfare transformed her life’s work. It all began with the simplest acts of caring—collecting gently used toys from the community to give to those in need, ensuring every child experienced the joy of Christmas during COVID-19, a time when many families had lost their income. The community’s collective effort during this toy drive laid the groundwork for what Tides of Grace represents today—a stronghold of support and a herald of optimism for those in need.


Leann saw the joy and hope in the eyes of those receiving help and reflected on her own life’s hard chapters. Growing up in a low-income household, struggling emotionally as a young mom putting herself through college, and facing the mental anguish when her infant son was diagnosed with cancer, she experienced the grace and support of her community. Inspired by these experiences, she envisioned a broader mission: to spread kindness and compassion monthly in the community on the Eastern Shore through themed drives, offering help to those in any difficult chapters and tides of life. 


Leann wanted the community to know they have someone who cares, offering a helping hand regardless of income. She believed that everyone, at some point, faces mental, financial, or physical challenges where kindness and compassion can make a difference. This mission is the heart of Tides of Grace: to be a beacon of support and compassion, fostering a community where everyone feels valued and uplifted. In 2022, the vision became reality when Tides of Grace became a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization. 

Our Mission

At Tides of Grace, our mission is to cultivate a community grounded in kindness and compassion. We strive to foster connections and build bridges of empathy, creating a welcoming environment where every individual feels valued and supported. Through our monthly events, we promote acts of kindness and understanding, empowering individuals to uplift and inspire one another. Our goal is to create a ripple effect of positive change, ensuring that the spirit of generosity and care resonates throughout our community. Through collaboration, comprehensive programs, and the generous spirit of volunteers and partners, we aim to provide resources, educational support, and essential services to those facing life’s toughest challenges.


At Tides of Grace, we are more than a non-profit organization; we are a family, united in our determination to be the tide that lifts all boats. With every initiative, we strive to ensure that no member of our community is left adrift. Join us as we continue to chart a course towards a brighter, more hopeful tomorrow.

Board Members

Leann Rhodes-Ickes

Board Member

Stacy Fox

Board Member

Mary Himmel

Board Member

Stacey Hively

Board Member

Jessica Thomas

Board Member

Operations and Production

Ken Fox

Operations and Production

John Ickes

Operations and Production

Terry Himmel

Operations and Production

Heather Jo King

Data Analyst

Frequently Asked Questions

Due to space constraints, we only collect items one month prior to what the drive will be for the following month.

We love our volunteers! Sign up to stay on our email list of when we need volunteers.
You can also check out our monthly calendar and see what areas you would like to volunteer and sign up through the upcoming events listed.  

We love our sponsors! They help us live out our mission to spreading kindness and compassion throughout the shore. Donations allow us to keep our programs funded and continue to have a facility for items. You can sign up to make a monthly donation that is also a tax donation. Any amount you are able we are forever grateful!

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A one time donation also helps us keep our mission alive and helps fund our monthly events and operational costs. There are several ways to make a one time donation.

Simply follow us on Facebook, our website or fill in this form to stay on our email list:

Our nonprofit serves the entire Eastern Shore of Maryland and Delaware. The Eastern Shore of Maryland and Delaware consists of all of the counties East of the Chesapeake Bay including Caroline, Cecil, Dorchester, Kent, Queen Anne’s, Somerset, Talbot, Wicomico, and Worcester, New Castle, Kent and Sussex.

We are not an income based nonprofit organization. We serve anyone who needs a helping hand. We realize we all go through challenging chapters in life: emotionally, physically, mentally and financially; Tides of Grace wants to be on the front line of offering a helping hand through those chapters and want you to know you always have someone who cares. So if you need a helping hand, no questions asked, you come out and receive whatever the item of the month we are doing the drive for.

While we are not able to offer financial help to individuals or families, we can help connect you to resources that may be able to help you. We can also help with specific needs. If you would like to fill in the Get Help tab and we can see how we can help you in your time of need.

We love our partners! By becoming a partner and providing a yearly donation of $250, your support will be recognized by your company logo that will be linked to your business on our website.  Fill in this form to be a sponsor for the year! 

We cover the entire Easter Shore so each month the location of our events vary. Please continue to follow our Facebook page and website to see the location each month.

You can see all our events on our calendar on the website as well as sign up to volunteer as events as posted here.

We welcome all ages to volunteer. We ask anyone under 13 years old to be accompanied by a guardian during those volunteer hours.

Absolutely! All you need to do is email Connect@TidesofGraceInc.org and with your donation information and we will get you a receipt emailed over. 

Be sure your donations are the items we are currently collecting. We have a brown drop off bin outside our office doors with a lid. We ask nothing be left on the sidewalk and donations be placed in the bin and the lid closed. The bin is checked daily M-F 9:30am-5pm. If the items do not fit in the bin, please see Kim next to our building at Farabees as she will be able to assist you to open the building.

We are located at 605 Main Street Suite 101 Stevensville MD 21666.
This is attached to the back of the old Firehouse on Main Street across the street from Stevensville Middle School and in front of Kent Island Elementary School.

We are all volunteers at Tides of Grace, so office hours vary. We are always able to be reached by phone daily if you need immediate assistance. Please call or text 410-924-7744 or email us at connect@tidesofgraceinc.org